Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Part II - nine

Later that night, curled up in bed with Ginny after love, half asleep and her mind wandering, Rebecca said, “My cousin is getting married soon, I think…” 

“You think?” Ginny asked, not far from sleep herself. 

“I just dreamed it,” the sleepy blonde explained. “I’ll call her tomorrow… Gotta’ give her our new number anyway…” 

The following day would prove Rebecca’s premonition correct when she telephoned her cousin, Eleanor (more like a sister really), down south in San Pia. 

“That’s right, Becca!” Elly was happy but not overly surprised to hear that her younger cousin had intuited the news of her wedding from hundreds of miles away. This was not the first such incident, after all. “Ryan and I are finally making it official!” 

Eleanor would ask Rebecca to be a bridesmaid, of course. Rebecca would take a leave from The Rolling Bear, head down to San Pia with Ginny for the wedding. It was a perfect opportunity to introduce Ginny to her family - the aunt, uncle and cousins she had grown up with since the age of 5. 

Now, back in the night of our current moment, Virginia and Rebecca burrowed deeper into each other and deeper into sleep. Two pairs of eyelids fluttered as the sleeping women began to dream each of the other. 

In their simultaneously joint and respective dream, Rebecca spoke to Ginny. “Nightbook is my favorite show,” she said, “but I hate Stinky Pete.” 

Ginny pulled a lizard, small to medium in size and blue in color, from her purse, offered it to Rebecca. Rebecca shrugged a casual “no thank you” and continued, “I prefer the episodes with Valentine and the other vampires.” 

Ginny nodded, flowers falling from her hair. “I know what you mean,” she agreed. “I love Valentine myself. And, of course, Svetlana and the Ghost Yeti…” 

Carl Jung passed through the room and both women waved him a cheery greeting. “Hello ladies…” Herr Jung smiled, moved on, and was gone. 

“But,” continued Ginny, “Stinky Pete is a character we will definitely be seeing more of in the future.” 

Here a herd of miniature horses thundered across the floor of their dream.

Now Rebecca nodded, her hair changing from blonde to green to black with each movement of her head. “I know what you mean” she said. “I know what you dream…”

Both women smiled in their sleep and snuggled closer. Around them the shadows of the night darkened room shifted and, a sound not unlike the skitter of windblown leaves, tittered…

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