Saturday, May 28, 2005


In hindsight, many years later, Gordon realized that the old lady at The Corner Store had been an agent of fate. At this particular moment, however, he mistook her for just another annoyance in a day full of them.

"And you're sure no dolphins were victimized?" This was the third time she had asked this question. She gazed up at the cashier with gray and vaguely expectant eyes.

Behind the counter, he sighed and smoothed his red apron with a restless hand. "Miss," he said, with astonishing equanamity, "I can call the manager to confirm this for you, if you like, but I know for a fact that no sea mammals of any kind were harmed in the production of this product."

The restless hand removed a box of graham crackers from the rubber conveyor belt. "Shall I read the ingredients one more time for you?" A large, hirsute finger tapped the side of the box.

"Would you mind?" came the inevitable reply.

Gordon, in line behind this amazing exchange for the duration, tapped his own figers unconsciously along the tops of Darby's six pack. I would mind, he thought, very much.

Clearing his throat, the cashier began to read. . .


Richard Cody, 2005

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